Ben Mallah Net Worth. $200 Million Dollar Tycoon…

Excited to see what Ben Mallah net worth is? We will expose all…

Who Is Ben Mallah & His Net Worth

Ben Mallah is an internet celebrity. Ben Mallah currently has a few hundred thousand followers on YouTube and posts new videos a few times a week.

Ben, from Rockaway Queens, New York is a real estate investor who has spent his life working within the real estate sector in the US. Read on for Ben Mallah money’s secrets…

Ben Mallah House, Clearwater Florida

Ben Mallah currently lives in Clearwater Florida and resides in the most expensive mansion ever sold in the area. A beach front mansion costing around $20 million and over 5 figure ($10,000) monthly mortgage on the property.

What Properties Does Ben Mallah Own

Currently Ben owns hotels and large shopping complexes. Only taking on high value real estate, Ben often looks for triple cap real estate deals.

Ben Mallah also owns a large entertainment complex at John’s Pass in Florida where he has rooms to rent along with a large building on the waterfront.

His shopping complexes have some of the staples of the US retail sector as residents.

Ben Mallah Net Worth

Ben Mallah Buys Yacht

In early 2021 Ben Mallah purchased a luxury yacht over 60 ft in length. The yacht originally a show boat for the marine manufacturer and Ben came to deal with the seller from Taiwan.

Ben Mallah’s yacht has an estimated worth of around $5 million.

Ben Mallah Net Worth

We estimate Ben Mallah net worth is $250 million.

90% of Ben’s wealth is contained in real estate. Ben Mallah also owns stocks and have noted as owning Pfizer stock.

Ben owns sports cars and often rents a private plane to get around the US viewing real estate deals.

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