Barron Trump Net Worth. Is it All His Dad’s Money?

Barron Trump Net Worth & Bio

Barron Trump is rich like his father, but what is Barron Trump net worth? He was born March 20th 2006. This means he is 12 and he is the first son to live in the white house since JFK junior.

Barron is the youngest of Trumps children and the only one with Melania. He is of Scottish/ German descent on his father’s side and Slovenian on his mother’s side and is fluent in English and Slovenian. Barron was christened as a child at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda by the Sea in Palm Beach, Florida. He attended the Columbia Grammar and Prep School in Manhattan before moving to Washington.

After his father became President he stayed on in Manhattan so that he could finish that school year before moving into the White House. He was apprehensive about moving to Washington because he loved his school in Manhattan and he had his own floor in their penthouse in Manhattan so he stayed with his mother until they both moved to the White house in June 2017. Now he attends St Andrews Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland.

Barron Trump Net Worth

During his early childhood Barron made several TV appearances including on the Apprentice and the Oprah Winfrey show. During the election his mother wanted to keep him out of the spotlight so he only made three public appearances. Barron attended his father’s RNC acceptance speech and presidential victory speech. He was also present at his father’s inauguration ceremony in January 2017 and some of the following events.

Barron Trumps Hobbies

He is interested in sport and is noted to be a soccer fan appearing in an Arsenal FC jersey and meeting DC United players at the Easter Egg Roll. In September he was selected to join the U-12 team for DC United’s Development Academy.

Barron was used to the spotlight before moving to the White House and lives a more jet set life than other presidential children have in the past. Donald Trump has travelled around and stayed at various different properties taking Melania and Barron with him. He has had to get used the extra security that comes with his position not allowing him much privacy.

Barron Trump Current Net Worth

It is said he has a net worth of 1 million.

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