AREA 21 Martin Garrix Has A Secret Side Project

AREA 21 Martin Garrix Releases New Music Using A Secret Side Project AREA21

Area 21 Martin Garrix has famously created the collaboration to release EDM music under an alias side project for unknown reasons. Famous Dutch DJ Martin Garrix has released the 4th single from his side project AREA 21, ‘Glad You Came’. The single was released on the 1st of December 2017.

The track which is electronic dance was produced by Marton Garrix alongside Maejor. The duo formed the side-project AREA 21 in 2016 and have released 4 singles. AREA 21 centres around Electronic Dance Music as well as Hip Hop.

AREA21 uses Alien imagery with a ‘space’ theme following all of their tracks and branding. You can watch the official music video and listen on Youtube here.

AREA 21 is signed under Martin Garrix label STMPD RCRDS which is apart of Sony Music Entertainment.

What’s next for AREA 21 and Martin Garrix? Well we expect new music to drop over the course of 2018 and throughout the coming years. You can keep up to date with AREA 21’s releases on their twitter and instagram.

Martin is also featuring the music during his concerts and live performances throughout the year.

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