Amazing People With Unique Genetic Traits

A Man With Two Thumbs

You know the proud feeling when you notice something about your body that you got from your parents. The son of this couple has one thumb from each of them. Even though this one-of-a-kind and perfect situation doesn’t have a name, it should be on our list. But he has a condition called Brachydactyly that makes his right thumb shorter than his left.

The Boy with “Cat Eyes” in China

Nong Youhui, a little boy from the southern part of China, was born with a rare condition called “cat-eye.” Because of this, he can see just as well at night as he does during the day. Due to the condition, it is said that the boy’s eyes seem to glow at night. The name for the condition now is “Leukoderma.” The only bad thing is that his eyes are more sensitive to light than most people’s.

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