Alissa Violet Net Worth? Controversial Youtube Relationships Revealed?

Alissa Violet – What’s Her Net Worth?

Alissa Violet is an American YouTuber who has risen to fame in the last few years. She also works as a model and actress. Alissa was born on June 12, 1996. The 21-year old was once part of a web group known as Team 10. She was in that group together with her then boyfriend – Jake Paul. Read on to reveal Alissa Violet net worth.

Her fame arose from the influence she wielded on social media. Vine and Instagram were initially her social media platforms of choice. Currently, she spends most of her time on YouTube where her channel boasts of more than 3.4 million subscribers. The videos on her channel have also attracted over 150 million views.

alissa violet net worth

What is Alissa Violet net worth?

Alissa has a net worth of roughly $600,000. That net worth is the result of her work as an actress, model and active social media personality. She is from Brunswick, Ohio where she was born and raised. However, her fame came later when she moved to Los Angeles and joined signed with a modeling agency called Next Models. Four out of the five agencies she met after moving to Los Angeles offered her a contract.

Social media offered her a path to a different career. At first, Alissa was a part of a social media incubator known as Team 10, as previously stated. When she broke up with her boyfriend of the time, Alissa moved to a different incubator known as Clout Gang where she is with her current boyfriend – Faze Banks.

Her career as a successful social media personality took off when she would post 6-second videos on Vine. By the time Vine closed shop in January 2017, Alissa had more than 600,000 followers. She then quickly adapted and embraced other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, which have helped her subscribership grow exponentially.

Since 2016, Alissa has been a Vlogger. She has also played the role of Kylie in a TV series known as “The Deleted.” Apart from vlogging and acting, Alissa has also tried her hand in music, where she featured Rice Gum in a song called “It’s EveryNight Sis.” That song has received more than 60 million views. Furthermore, she has also modelled for several brands including Converse.

Alissa is smart and funny. She is also fit and beautiful. Her great and engaging personality makes it easy for people meeting her the first time to like her. The millions of people following her on social media are proof of her likeability. She possesses the kind of charm that appeals to all. Her former boyfriend introduced her to the Internet but she has since blossomed on her own.

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