Who Is Alec Monopoly? The Banky’s Inspired Millionaire Graffiti Artist

Who Is Alec Monopoly?

Alec Monopoly is a 32 year old distinctive New York City Graffiti artist. Alec however does not vandalise bridges and crossovers, Alec creates ‘art’ often containing the character from the popular board game Mr Monopoly. Alec’s art is sold for hundreds of thousands of dollar a piece! Alec often wears a surgical mask in public to protect his identity and possibly to add to his artistic character. Alec has over 600k Instagram followers and often posts pictures of luxurious cars, boats and houses.

Alec Monopoly’s Early Life

Alec grew up in the wealthy Westhampton Beach NY. Alec grew up with money, his parents were wealthy financiers. Alec moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to peruse his passion for art. Alec’s distinct style of celebrity portraits and connections with the controversial game of Monopoly can be linked to a Bank’s influence.

Alec Monopoly’s Net Worth

Alec Monopoly has a huge net worth, estimated to be around $12 million! His portraits and Monopoly Man canvas’s can often sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece.

Alec has showcased his art in multiple pop-up galleries around the US and are a resounding hit with the rich and famous clientele.

Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly & Scott Disick

Alec naturally has some high profile friends some being the controversial Scott Disick who has connection with the Kardashians. As well as Scott, Alec is a brand ambassador with TAG watches. This lucrative contract, has enabled Alec to widen his circle of friends to such people as Cara Delevigne and Martin Garrix.

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