How Dan Bilzerian Spends $50k A Day

Does Money Make You Happy?

The millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian has recently been quoted in a video on his new website that money doesn’t always make him happy. Well we are here to ask does money make you happy.

Dan earned most his money playing poker professionally, but lets take a look at what he spends it on. Lets take a look at 5 reasons we love Dan Bilzerian’s life.

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He Has Girls. Girls Absolutely Everywhere!

Dan Blizarian seems to have an endless supply of super models surrounding him 24/7.

Travelling around the US mimicking a pilot always surrounded by his crew of beautiful air hostesses must not be a bad way of life.

Whether Dan pays money for these girls is debatable, however they will probably make it rich receiving the publicity of being with Dan.


Money Buys Toys. His Collection of Toys

The next reason we think Dan, should be wildly enjoying his existence is the fact he has a small armoury.

Owning such a huge collection of weapons and seemingly numerous shooting galleries to practise his skills, we think this would be an excellent way to crush those everyday stresses of life.

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He Does Not Rely On Public Transport

Being reliant on public transport is a headache for anyone, let alone someone who needs to transport his armoury of weapons and girls.

Dan's numerous voyages on his private jet prove his does not need to worry about transportation for his entourage.

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