Why Floyd Mayweather Just Bet $100k

#1 Floyd Often Broadcasts His Big Money Bets

Floyd Mayweather, knows how to live the life of luxury. Often broadcasting on his social media his big sports bets which would make any normal very rich in a short amount of time. Lets take a look at some...

#2 Clemson $36k Profit

"I bet $20,000 on the Clemson money line and picked up $56,000."

#3 Falcons Easy 25k Profit

"Just made $25,000 in 30 minutes. The retired life."

#4 90% Profit Nice Effort

"On Saturday, 1/21/17, I made $90,000 in 40 minutes."

#5 Light 86k In 20 Minutes

"On Thursday, 1/19/17, I made a light $86,000 in 20 minutes."

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