3 Ways to Upgrade Your Shoe Rack Like a Celebrity Sneakerhead

If you follow celebrities who enjoy their sneakers, you know there’s a whole culture to it — as well as some seriously major players. The celebrity sneakerhead community runs the gamut, from Kylie Jenner, to John Mayer, to DJ Khaled and his legendary collection worth some $8 million, according to estimates. For that matter, there are even some public figures who gained a degree of celebrity status because of their involvement in sneaker culture. Benjamin Kickz, who’s been written about here before, is essentially a maestro sneaker re-seller who’s built a multimillion-dollar business and a personal brand simply by selling to celebrities and prominent collectors.

There really is quite a lot going on in the celebrity sneaker world. But unfortunately it can all seem somewhat inaccessible to the rest of us. After all, the average sneaker lover doesn’t have $8 million to spare on a shoe collection.

So, how can you get in on this culture in a real, active way without DJ Khaled’s budget? You may not always be able to get your hands on the very hottest or rarest collectible sneakers. But there are a few places you can look for a leg up in the collection business.

Re-Sell Apps

We just mentioned above the Benjamin Kickz has attained his status through the re-sale of popular sneakers to celebrities and collectors. This concept is worth expanding on, because it’s actually a big part of the culture. While it may seem more authentic to stand in line when the local Footlocker opens to get new Jordans, many if not most sneakerheads find what they want through re-sale options these days. And a lot of these options are simple apps. Programs like Flight Club, Stadium Goods, Project Blitz, StockX, and more all exist to make special sneakers available to fans. Different apps have slightly different focuses in terms of selection and clientele, but if you really want to get into sneaker culture it’s worthwhile to explore them all. You might just find one through which you can reliably grab the pairs you want.

Online Communities

The idea of online communities surrounding sneaker culture would once have been taken to refer to social media groups, or perhaps YouTube channels and their followings. Now, however, there are actual communities for sneakerheads that help people to connect and enjoy shared advantages in the game. This concept has been taken to new heights of late by SoleSavy, which enables people to gain access to perks and discounts, get the first word about new releases, set up alerts for restocking, and even exchange shoes with other enthusiasts. None of this guarantees rare finds or unusual low prices, but a community of this nature can certainly put you on the inside track to finding the exact sneakers you want at fair prices.


A lot of newcomers to the sneaker collection world might balk at the idea of turning to eBay. One tends to think of visibly used goods when considering shopping on eBay, and even products that look new don’t always seem trustworthy. The reality, however, is that this has become a busy platform for sneakerheads. Lots of re-sellers make a killing on eBay, and the site’s authenticity guarantee keeps things on the level. Sneakers over a certain price are inspected and tagged to indicate condition and authenticity, effectively turning eBay into a reliable marketplace for rare or out-of-stock items. A lot of sneakerheads today will swear by the platform.

It still takes time, investment, and some occasional luck to really work your way up in this unique style culture. Look to these resources though, and you’ll be on your way to developing an impressive collection even without celebrity cash or status.