Your Not Safe Online. Heres Why

How To Stay Private Online?

Do you know all your SMS text messages are read every time you send one? How To Stay Private Online? Governments and private companies are taking advantage of the messages you send. Do you also know all your Facebook messages, your Whatsapp messages and most other messaging services are obliged to provide government agencies with YOUR messages if they ask?

So what is encryption. Encryption simply muddles up your message making it unreadable as soon as you hit send from your phone. This means anyone intercepting your message will only see unreadable text. When you recipient receives your message they decrypt it using a private key only they have. This means if for some reason your message diverts and arrives at someone else, they will not be able to read it.

Here are three reasons you should always be using encrypted messages.

#1 Invasive Advertising

Facebook messenger helps Facebook build a profile of you for its advertisers. We think this is a underhand tactic.

#2 Governments Can See Any Of Your Messages Ever Sent

Government agencies now have the power to read any text you ever sent that isn't encrypted. Protect your privacy always, you may never know what the future holds.

#3 Hackers

Hackers can access and read any message you send which isn't encrypted. This could lead to identity theft and other issues. Stay secure online.

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