3 Hidden Gems To Visit In Bali

Find 3 hidden gems you have got to see if you visit Bali. These hidden gems are listed below. Get ready to explore Bali.

1. Balian Beach – Visit Bali

balian beach bali
Balian Beach

If you visit Bali you must see our first hidden gem. Balian Beach is located in Canggu and is nestled away from the busy hustle and bustle of normal Bali. Take a breather from the tourists and visit Balian for a quite time of relaxation.

2. Gili Islands

Our second gem when you visit Bali. Popular with backpackers the Gili Islands are a short hop away from Bali in a boat. Covered in stunning views the Gili Islands are a must see if your travelling to Bali. However watch out for these tremendous amount of tourists who make the trip.

gili islands bali
Gili Islands Bali

3. Sidemen Village

sidemen village bali
Sidemen Village Bali

The Sidemen Village in Bali is away from the coastline and in the rural areas of Bali. You can explore the vibrant jungles, ancient ruins from past settlements and the large scale greenery.

The Sidemen village is a great selection for a day trip if when you explore Bali.