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21 Savage Net Worth Revealed!

21 Savage Net Worth & Bio

Want to know what 21 Savages net worth is today? Born in 1992, 21 savage is a world famous American rapper, record producer and songwriter born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother raised him all by herself along his four brothers and six sisters. At only 12, he was banned from permanently from all the schools from his county, due to illegal possession of a firearm. Just before being sent to a youth detention center, he had to go to school in the Atlanta area. He later dropped out of high school during his first semester, saying the school exhausted him, and that he had no will power to go through.

21 Savage’s Upbringing

After dropping out, 21 savage joined a street gang and became a drug dealer in the streets of Atlanta. He also took part in multiple criminal activities along his “occupation” as a drug dealer, such as robbery or heists. He was lucky to be arrested only one time when contraband was found in its car. In 2011, being only 19, he lost his friend Larry in a shootout. And in 2013, terrible stuff happened to him. He lost his brother on his twenty-first birthday, and he was shot six times by rival gang members during an attempted robbery.

This event changed his life forever. What happened next is the story of a young broken man, raising from his ashes to the glorious and talented rapper we all know today.

His Brothers Death

Following the death of his brother, 21 savage began rapping, naming himself, you guessed right, after the event that happened on this horrible day. At the beginning, his career was helped by his uncle, giving him enough money to pay himself studio time in 2013. In November 2014, his first single called “Picky” was released, produced by DJ Plugg. You could also find this single on his first mixtape called “The Slaughter Tape”, released in May 2015. He was then considered as an “underground hero in Atlanta.” This was the first years, and the best is still yet to come.

Still in 2015, 21 released a collaborative EP called “Free Guwop”, which is a tribute to his influencer, Gucci Mane.
His success was fast, trending and nothing could stop him from raising to fame. He was named as one the “Freshman Class” of 2016 by the magazine XXL.

He kept releasing more EP’s in 2016 and later signed a contract with Epic Records in January 2017. His debut studio album reached number two on the US Billboard 200 chart. He since appeared in multiple other EP’s, clips and covers.

21’s career is fast, growing and trending. A new generation of rappers is emerging nowadays, and he is one of the leaders of this movement. And being so famous and talented sure made his bank account grow.

21 savage net worth

21 Savage Net Worth & Bio

21 Savage net worth is around $8 million today and he keeps on going. His talent and his charisma are shining brightly. We can expect more and more from him in the following years. He is supposed to release more music in 2019, and with more collaborations ahead, he is expected to make his net worth grow as fast as his career.

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